Saturday, August 22, 2009

OPEN HAND & The Emerging Roundabout

Map of Christian Practice: Adapted by Open Hand from The Great Emergence - How Christianity is Changing and Why by Phyllis Tickle

Another White Board designed by O'Steven

As our tribe enters a time of redirection on the emerging roundabout, I am reminded by Rabbi Ed Friedman that our spirituality is a divine / human process of responding to life's challenges in ways that are creative, imaginative and innovative.

Our travels on the roundabout of emergence Christianity have been informed by twelve years of wandering the landscape both at home and abroad, guided by road maps laid out by the faithful that went before us.

Being a scribe and map lover I logged in my journals (65 and counting) many of the distinct guideposts along the way that proved to be challenging descriptions of reality.

Here are a few of those guideposts that have been influential in helping our Open Hand community find its way over the vast terrain of Christian practice and into the emerging roundabout:

1. Open Hand is focused on visionary risk-taking, recognizing that recklessness is not a virtue nor is the opposite of risk-refusal.

2. Open Hand promotes covenantal relationships that clearly define the rights, respect and responsibilities required for all those traveling with us.

3. Open Hand maintains a simple, decentralized organizational structure that links people together through relationship, shared faith and mutual accountability.

4. Open Hand promotes the challenge of emotional courage and stamina in order to commit to and pursue lifetime goals beyond our current horizons.

5. Open Hand operates relationally in the context of intentional community and cooperation with local and international associates and organizations.

6. Open Hand functions as a conduit to stimulate economic vitality, social responsibility and discipleship / mentoring with a focus on the marginalized of the world.

7. Open Hand organizes joint ventures as structures that assess and prioritize peoples needs while aiming for a disciplined, focused mode of administering a potential abundance of resources to meet them, leading to expectancy, hope and confidence.

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