Friday, November 20, 2009

Transformational Community Living - Global YWAM Affiliates

Transformational Community Immersion: Innovation and Mission in the Kingdom of God

OPEN HAND International Christian Community (global YWAM Affiliates)

Duration: 3-6-9 months

Location: urban Indianapolis, Indiana USA / in partnership with Mana Deschisa Romania

Join with us as we boldly face the future with baptized imaginations :

1.) Belonging - offering solace, welcome, acceptance in our unfolding community life

2.) Thriving - a challenging adventure, stretching us all to live into our life potentials

3.) Empowerment - expressive opportunities to co-create life, individually and communally

4.) Sensuality - experiential community, tasting, touching, sharing, expressing life together

5.) Celebration - liberation, joy, meeting deepest desires, embracing of life in all its fullness

6.) Liminality - transcending self, in touch with mystery of life, profound spirituality

Facilitated by: Open Hand community members - Weekly Group Process, Individual and Family Therapy, Leadership Development, Missional Emerging faith community, Global Sustainable Social Businesses - Participation, Dialogue and Community Outreach

Cost: Everything you currently are to become who you truly want to be !

OPEN HAND is an emerging urban faith community founded in 1997 by several families committed to creating an incarnational and international Christian presence in the heart of Indianapolis. As worldwide YWAM associates with a faith-based orientation combining the insights of Christianity, natural systems and Marriage & Family Therapy, many young adults have apprenticed themselves to new ways of conceptualizing their lives and the surrounding relationship systems of extended family, workplace vocation and congregational life. Lives have been powerfully impacted, marriages rejuvenated, families empowered and relationships restored in the process of transformational immersion within our community.

Are you over 18 with a passion for the spirit of adventure, the challenge of discovery and the courage to change and grow beyond the limits of your current life? Then we welcome you to come journey with us for a season as we stretch our collective imaginations and live into our vocational callings as an emerging faith community, powered by global sustainable social businesses focused on our marginalized and less fortunate neighbors here and abroad.

YWAMer's needing outreach credit are welcome to apply. We look forward to your participation as we wrestle together with what it means to live intentionally with one another in our faith community.

Grace, O'

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