Saturday, December 5, 2009

Generation to Generation

The Family Reunion

In an old house there is always listening,
and more is heard than is spoken.

And what is spoken remains in the room,
waiting for the future to hear it.

And whatever happens began in the past,
and presses hard on the future.

The agony in the curtained bedroom,
whether of birth or of dying,

Gathers in to itself all the voices of the past,
and projects them into the future.

T.S. Eliot


  1. Fabulous and so fitting for 215. I love that house for it is where Thulani first came home, it is where I wrote my fist newspaper column (while getting well after heart surgery, and it is where Nolan redesigned and built a room, proving he could do about anything he set his heart to accomplish.


  2. I agree with Rod, this house is magical and full of wonderful spirits from the past and future. It is the home where I lived in the coolest room of my life, apparently thanks to an accomplished man named Nolan. It is where I found the love of my life, the pastor who would unite that love, and friends that I will have over a lifetime. It is the home whose walls have and continue to inspire powerful meetings and conversations about meaningful change in Indy and across the world...conversations that will continue to unfold and blossom into fruition. I love it!

    215 is a gift to and from the Open Hand community and for that I thank you!