Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'Bootcamp' For Your Marriage (Or Not)

Has your marriage or love life ever reminded you of what its like trying to sync two radically different computer systems with a single operating system? Are you a Mac and your lover a PC? Or visa versa?

You may want to try to 'bootcamp' your relationship with the love of your life. This allows you to run Windows on your Mac. Imagine that. You can create a non-destructive repartition allowing both systems to coexist on the same platform.

We get to remain distinct yet deeply connected. This reminds me a bit of Murray Bowen and his idea of relational differentiation within emotional systems.

Actually, now that I have bootcamped my new Mac I am somewhat conflicted and find it annoying to always have to be shutting down one system to open the other. There is no neat button or toggle switch (at least to my knowledge) to move seamlessly back and forth.

So, I appear to be heading for a possible divorce by having both my PC laptop and Mac desktop running separately side by side when I'm at the office. I guess it was just too good to be true. Much like the relational life with our lover, it is very difficult for the two to become one. Generally one person will dominate the other or both will fuse and loose their unique selves.

I am satisfied and more content with both my PC and Mac when they are doing what they each do best - be themselves. Perhaps I can do a twitter search and find out where I can get a magic button that will allow me to bootcamp a more blissful honeymoon between my PC and Mac. At this point I am not holding my breathe.

In fact, I am happy that my wife Ann is more like a PC and I am more like a Mac. Or is it the other way around? It probably doesn't really matter as long as we stay side by side doing what we each do best - be our own true selves.

Cheers, and enjoy the challenge of being with the one you love.

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