Saturday, April 23, 2011

"I'm smiling with the sun in my face. Could I be Irish?"

I was reading journal #44 this morning and found this simple email message from Rich Starkey. "I'm smiling with the sun in my face. Could I be Irish?" Here was my response:

Hey Rich....If you can answer yes to the following questions I'd say "hell yes" you are Irish!

1. Do you get stoned to the soul by the power of words and music?
2. Do you often drink beers as large as your head?
3. Can you slide across the floor on your knees when dancing?
4. Do you get loud under the influence?
5. Are you under the influence now?
6. Do you practice heroic hospitality?
7. Have you been married to the same woman for more than 20 years?
8. Do you have a son to carry the Starkey name to the next generation?
9. Do you cry easily?
10. Do you have a warped sense of humor -laughing when others wouldn't?
11. Can you swear and not take the Lord's name in vain?
12. Can you hold a paradox until you burst with tension?
13. Can you pick a fight and then be over it the next day?
14. Do you spoil your children?
15. Do you spoil your wife?
16. Are you kind and generous?
17. Do you have a fair complexion?
18. Do you go upstream instead of downstream?
19. Do you like to read, I mean really read?
20. Do you attend church, at least occasionally?
21. Do you drink the blood of the Lamb?
22. Could you kill another with your bare hands if necessary to protect the life of many?
23. Are you deeply connected to your best friends?
24. Is the world your play ground?
25. Have you read C.S. Lewis - alot?
26. Do you like U2?
27. Can you tolerate rain, lots of rain?
28. Can you tolerate pain, lots of pain?
29. Do you get depressed in the dark cold half of the year?
30. Will you spend more money than you actually have?
31. Can you close a deal on a handshake?
32. Have you ever been Chairman of a Board?

I'm pretty sure you are Irish Rich, and I even found the Starkey name on mugs in Dublin to prove it!


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