Thursday, March 5, 2009

powerful women

Hey Hey Tribe:

I have recently been amazed by Ann as she has faced several random 16,000 Volt jolts of REACTIVITY out the blue....and with a classic non-anxious PRESENCE, let it run through (without shocking her) and exiting at a more manageable 110 Volts. She has more balls than most professional bull fighters.

Friedman would be proud...and I can only hope that I would respond like Martin Luther or Ben Franklin (both great at self-definition and self-regulation and connection for their time and cultural context)...instead of merely cooperating with the mindless reactivity and essentially amplifying it by throwing punches or wrestling about on the ground with fire brands.

She does appear to have more golden/blonde highlights in her gray mane recently - probably a combination of grace and harnessing of quantum amounts of energy absorbed from the process of transforming so much emotional radiation / reactivity.

What was it that Friedman said about our response being more powerful than the pathogen / trauma that strikes us from time to time???

My socks have been knocked off, and I stand amazed at the power of our women in the Open Hand tribe....amen!

Still trying to enjoy the challenge,

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