Friday, June 19, 2009

Mana Deschisa Romania Receives $117,000 Grant

Great news from Open Hand Romania!

Marshall called and reported that the grant they applied for through the Timken Corporation -a global manufacture of ball bearings - with a plant in Bucharest, has awarded Mana Deschisa a $117,000 grant for the ongoing development of their new Campus & Therapeutic Centre located in Campina, Romania.

Mana Deschisa is one of the few organizations that offer long term residential housing, therapy, education, discipleship and vocational training to homeless and hopeless young adults from the streets of Romania.

Since 2000, Marshall and many dedicated Romanian citizens have established from scratch, a faith-based ministry and outreach to some of the most disadvantaged and addicted young adults from the streets.

Education for the 'students' begins around a family style dinner table, and includes chores, studies, therapy, health care, vocational training, and paid jobs while completing related work projects - all leading to the goal of helping these folks become healthy, well-adjusted and productive members of society.

The community focused new campus includes plans for environmental friendly and sustainable buildings, with sports facilities, plant and tree nursery, large green house, conference centre, guest facilities and student homes for guided living.

Thanks to the generous Timken Foundation grant, Mana Deschisa will have lots of momentum and traction in realizing the dream of a commuinty campus that can accomodate lots more men and women that want an opportunity to get off the streets of Romania.

Well done Marshall and Mana Deschisa. Our Open Hand tribe in Indianapolis hopes to help supplement this grant by raising more matching funds that can be used to meet the growing challenges of your running budget - allowing you to recruit and pay for ongoing qualified staff.

More updates soon,


  1. great news, indeed. thanks for sharing.

  2. so awesome!!! I want to be part of helping raise funds - I will put my brain into action-