Sunday, June 14, 2009

Queen Elizabeth I 1533 - 1603

Reflections for the Women of our Open Hand tribe:

She was one of the first truly independent and successful women in the realm of male dominated society and politics.

She helped change the society's idea of women's capabilities - planting the seeds for the empowerment of women.

She served at a time when her country was in a financial mess, due to gross mismanagement by past monarchs.

She favored a Protestant Church revival, but believed it could be achieved gradually and without bloodshed with the Catholic Church.

She was attacked and excommunicated by the Pope and Rome issued numerous decrees calling for her demise.

People of her own faith like the famous Scottish preacher John Knox attacked her for being a woman who was a leader of men.

She was disinherited by the two men she loved most, her father Henry VIII and her brother Edward VI.

She wielded her hard-won power by striking a balance between male/female characteristics, she had sensitivity, compassion, and openness to counsel and yet she was bold, decisive and as visionary as any king.

She had the heart of a King and the body and soul of a woman, she was a powerful negotiator and courageous in war.

"I have used time, which ordinarily accomplishes more than reason does."

She was content to allow her people freedom to believe what they wanted in the privacy of their own souls and turned a blind eye to those who practiced a different faith....she was tolerant!

She focused on the common ground of her people and their shared nationality to foster the beneficent idea of toleration.

She had the ability to cultivate and maintain a vast network of personal relationships... orchestrating a wide range of contacts, measuring: trust with prudence, intimacy with authority, openness with protocol.

She lived deeply and was the best informed person in her kingdom and probably all of Europe.

She nurtured personal relationships with the influential people in her sphere.

She defied stereotypes of a woman ruled by changing emotions - by setting a supreme example of integration of traditionally "masculine" and "feminine" strengths.

She showed us the benefits of balance in all relationships... with emotional intelligence.


Comfortable with authority
Confidential with information
Waited patiently for the right moment
Tolerant of other people's points of view
Calm in crisis
Not easily intimidated
Diligent in study
Could delegate responsibility
Sound financial manager
Strong sense of purpose
Self-aware and sensitive to others
She had a passion with a purpose!

"She always recognized that we can free ourselves from intimidation while accessing our personal power by embracing the scepter of responsibility...remembering that we are free to choose our response to any situation and that 'we teach people how to treat us.'

Go and do likewise.

Summarized by O'Steven from Discover Your Genius by Michael J. Gelb


  1. Realmente uma mulher notável, filha de um homem pelo poder ilimitado e pela força 'dos masculinos e HORMONIOS, de uma mulher que foi decapitada quando ainda era criança, criada por Terceiros, ainda assim Elizabeth conseguiu fazer história Através de sua força interior, como é se pode ler guru de John Dee (astrologo seu '), ela nasceu sob o Triduo terra, terra, terra virgem (mapa astral).