Thursday, February 4, 2010

For Silent Reflection

I purpose to pursue what is in my heart and live with the anxiety and adventure this requires. My focus will be on what is the right question rather than the right answer.

The priority in life is aim over speed, and creating meaningful action and momentum right now despite uncertainty. I will put aside safety and instead view life as a wonderful experiment in God's unfolding Kingdom that is more about learning, development and maturing than merely achieving.

A primary goal is for establishing relationship rather than power, speed or efficiency; for making the choice of a worthy destination rather than the limitation of engaging simply in what I know works. The key is living a meaningful life in the pursuit of what matters.

What matters creates a deeper purpose highlighted by my capacity to dream, reclaim my freedom and once again be idealistic. (The current culture is focused on getting things done, pragmatic, totalitarian, asking wrong questions, predictably with a focus on 'how').

Living into what matters gives my life to things that are hard to measure, invisible, important to me (not them), providing motivation to do what I do. Living with a priority of what matters, I am on a path of risk and adventure, a life of service and engagement; a life transformed by creating something together.

My primary concern becomes the world that I co-create within community. I long to tap into my deepest true self as I connect in refreshing ways of being together with others.

We define our dialogue and discussion via the questions we address. Valid expressions of healthy community help us create more effective workplaces, leading to insight over control, with vision, purpose, common goals, empowerment and flexible structures.

We encourage leadership styles and learning organizations where we are free to fail, while living out our spiritual and human callings. Finally, our accountability to one another must be chosen to ensure that it is not mere compliance or coercion.

Adapted from The Answer to How is Yes by Peter Block Highlighted by O'Steven

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