Saturday, February 13, 2010

Listen up!

Just thinking electronically this morning....what does Coach want from us? Reading on the Illini board that the team has finally started embracing coach Weber's system as opposed to "doing it the way I have always done it or doing it without committing to fundamentals such as defense, blocking out, playing hard every play etc".

Something apparently clicked because they started giving attention to these areas which recently resulted in knocking off a top ten team at home and a top 20 team on the road. Talent only takes a team so what are the fundamentals in the Kingdom? Are we moving well on offense and attacking the basket? Are we looking for the open man and blocking out? Are the captains keeping the rest of the team accountable and leading by example?

It seems to me that the fundamentals of the Kingdom of God...the things that Coach wants to see are basic:
  • acknowledge the superior wisdom / experience of Coach
  • practice doing the stuff He says to do
  • follow and learn from Him
  • proclaim the gospel
  • teach and make disciples of Him (not us)
  • share "the story that we are living into" with potential recruits that visit with us
It seems to me that if Coach gets disciples, students, learners, apprentices that value learning Coaches way, strategies, style of play then where and who we play are less important.

John Wooden apparently never practiced with the next opponent in mind, but instead focused on how his team was practicing in light of his vision for their success on the floor.

What if we all decided to doggedly devote ourselves to the fundamentals and look for recruits to join our team? What if we were able to take our game to a new level?

No agenda here other than dialogue.

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