Thursday, July 1, 2010

hTC EVO 4G with Google - Intelligent Evolution

I still can't believe I let my son Nick talk me into upgrading three of our six family phones to the new hTC EVO 4G with Google. Fortunately, I was one of the three getting the new technology and can no longer be made fun of by my friends with other fancy smart phones.

One look at my sweet ride curbed with a kickstand and they quickly turn aside and mumble something about getting an upgrade soon.

So far we all love our new ride and the battery life has handled everything we've thrown at it, well at least everything that Nick and John have. I'm still just learning how to add apps, make movies, take pictures and download them to my Facebook.

You get the picture. I am evolving along with my hTC EVO 4G with Google. By the time Indianapolis gets 4G coverage, I might actually need it. For now I am thrilled that I have a thin, cool ride that slides right into my Mr. Fancy Pants pockets.

Merry Christmas in July Nick and John.
PS Thanks Nick for bugging me daily for the past two months about getting the EVO. Some things never change!

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