Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"I want to be a legend. Is that wrong?" Lady Gaga

Ok, I have to admit that I am one of Lady Gaga's millions of facebook friends. Or fans or whatever they call our curious tribe of global admirers that continue to be mezmerized by her performance art.

I recently grabbed the Rolling Stone July Summer Double Issue to read about the infamous interview that got General McChrystal sacked by Obama......at least that's what I told my wife.

Eventually I did get around to reading the rambling interview with McChrystal by Michael Hastings and was surprised to hear Ann come to the General's defence. "Of course he is going to say some outrageous things over the course of several weeks while running around the world with his loyal entourage.... passionate thoughts easily taken out of context by a roving Rolling Stone journalist. He doesn't deserved to get fired for his politically incorrect military jargon."

Say what? How can a superman like General McChrystal, who has proven that the human race needs less sleep (only 4 hours a night), less calories (one meal a day) and more exercise (runs 7 miles every morning) ruin his legendary career with a few slips of the tongue? Imagine if a Rolling Stone reporter had followed Coach Bob Knight around for a few weeks during the IU basketball season!

Oh well, can you imagine President Obama in full combat gear ducking and darting around Afghanistan for a few weeks while he lets off some White House steam with his mates covering his back every day? After a few midnight missions into hostile territory he might just express some frustrations that would sound, well, lets just say not very Presidential.

McChrystal proved once again that living legends are mere humans, but don't worry, this extraordinary and now retired 4 Star General will land on his feet and be back in the thick of battle quicker than you can say Woody Hayes. I hope he ends up in Washington D.C. We need more focused and fearless leaders on Capital Hill.

And as for Lady Gaga....I can only hope that her greatest tumble is a fall in the airport while wearing 10" heels.

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