Saturday, April 11, 2009

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I have read your response and am wondering about the house rules and things like that. Youth With A Mission is religion-based if I'm not mistaken. I want to be honest with you and let you know that I am not an avid church-goer. Do you have students rent from you who are not involved with YWAM? While I am not too familiar with it, I do not judge it either. Let me Know. Thanks.
Prospective Renter

Our organization is named Open Hand - and meaning all that implies. Currently only two of the eleven folks that live in our homes are connected with faith based YWAM. The rest found us on Craigslist just like you. We have no rules and each home creates (or not) its own structure. We have had over 100 internationals living in our homes and everyone is free to participate as much or little as they want in our extended community life. But it would be best for you to see the homes and meet some of the roommates to better answer any of your questions. I have no idea of the faith / or lack thereof for our folks from Burma, Mexico, Japan, Russia, and Korean currently living here. Monette and Evelyn would consider themselves Christian. I have a Butler student moving in in May - Anthropology and Physics - and he wants to live with internationals and learn Japanese.

Anyway, you are welcome to respond accordingly. The address of the homes are 215 E. 32nd Street and 3174 N. Delawares Street.

My wife is a MFT and we study and apply Bowen Theory in our mental health work. We will be at the Bowen Family Life Center on the campus of Georgetown University next weekend for a conference. We also will be traveling for a Board meeting in Barcelona in May - Mana Deschisa Romania. This is our outreach / ministry to older street folks from Bucharest. We have many properties and projects in Campina (one hour north of Bucharest) and are combining our non-profit faith-based ministry with global business.

Lots of fun! I would beware though - it is very challenging for some folks to live in the midst of our community. The house at 215 has the "spirit of marriage" on it - as for told by a Kenyan pastor many years ago and now we have had over a dozen marriages from men and women that have met and lived in that home. (I married a couple two years ago - they were from Teach for America and started out by not getting along very well. The next thing I knew they were coming over for couples therapy and then asked me to marry them.)

So beware and

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