Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pondering "Wild at Heart"

by: O'Steven Joyce another Irish writer

Apparently in 2002 many mild mannered, very polite and nice tame guys read it and talked about it and went to conferences about it and discussed it some more and thought about it and pondered its meaning with other nice guys around the USA until it became a best seller in the evangelical world where it was put on the agenda for further committee meetings to determine how it might be incorporated into the church without causing nasty disruptions and divisional splits that might actually lead to destructive situations where determined young men go on the offensive picking fights while destroying reputations in the process of living passionately for their Lord, and once marshalling their band of destructive brothers go on to wipe out all forms of freedom that don't conform to their particular brand of pure faith and with righteous anger they flaunt their strength quoting scripture while scaring women and children and stampeding in herds that rush to and from as God's army defending Christendom from pagans while traveling as globetrotting missionaries building a kingdom out of sheer might and power of persuasion inspired by the Holy Ghost of doom and gloom for the salvation of the heathen, grown cold and stupid with generations of sin and wickedness that couldn't recognize God if he showed up as Morgan Freeman on the big screen at the drive in theater where modernist philosophy is the bottom line of a culture needing the white hot fire of revival and the inoculation of the mega church membership somewhere in the suburbs away from the the urban stains of the dust of death that have clouded any clear thinking at the universities and the broader global marketplace which racks up capital hoards of wealth tainted with the sweat and blood of countless, faceless souls laboring to survive in coastal third world cities that have clearly rejected Jesus' saving grace for ancestor worship and animal sacrifice over thousands of years leading to, poverty, disease and AIDS not to mention global warming and other countless afflictions whose spread and high mortality rates are a blight not only to those guilty containers of wasted humanity but even the chosen brethren spread in the blessed lands of Europe and the USA where faith has taken root and the likes of Calvin, Luther and Wesley have turned over in their graves at the state of the affairs in the kingdom at the start of another century where once again faithful destructive men with righteous anger lay waste the sin and corruptions that so easily entangles them.

Shame. All this from a wee little book.

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  1. That first stanza is one bloody sentence! 5 commas and one period. Amazing.

    Steve gave Wild At Heart to me some time ago. I have yet to read it. Maybe I can't quite get over the fact that it was the fad book of my college years