Wednesday, April 15, 2009


As I knelt to the ground and bowed my head in a posture of repentance, I felt the gracious hands of Todd and Geoff on my shoulders. The tension in my neck melted away as they called out to God with a righteous intensity - 'Lord Jesus, forgive our brother Steve for the errors of his ways. He has publicly confessed his sins, and is now seeking reconciliation with those of us that were harmed in various ways by the Open Hand community. Lord, help Steve make a clean break from his misguided colleagues and friends, give him a fresh start with those of us that can help restore his true Christian faith. In Jesus name, Amen.'

'That's it?', I asked as I rose to my feet. 'Well it's a beginning', Todd said as he gave me a solid hug. Geoff added firmly, 'Steve you will essentially need to break off all fellowship with Rod, Marshall, Larisa, Rich, Janet, Scott, Jeanne, Josh and your wife Ann and your kids.' 'Remember what the Lord said about loving him more than family and friends!'

I mumbled something about taking up my cross and following them when Jim placed a large arm around my neck and with a welcome embrace said, 'Steve make sure you leave a note reminding your wife that she is not invited to our reconciliation prayer meeting at the cafe.' 'She is such a trouble maker!'

Before I could respond, Berry licked my face and his big paws stretched across my chest, crushing my nightmare back into the early morning darkness......


  1. Ha. That is classic. Too bad we can't fully delve into this dream tonight.

  2. Too funny (and sad, and ..... and.....)....!