Saturday, July 25, 2009

Emergent Church Theology

Montserrat Benedictine Monastery - Catalonia, Spain

"We have yet to create a discipline of theology for the new century that is upon us. One hopes it is a world less in love with technology, less divided between materialism and spiritual extravagance, and less removed from the antique virtues of reverence and piety.

This new theology, in my utopian imagination, would be equal in validity and importance to any science. It would be thoroughly nonsectarian, even as it drew upon every imaginable instance of creed, worship, and holy text. It would be an applied discipline, its practitioners guiding governments and individual lives. It would largely replace, or at least modify, the therapeutic culture that developed in the twentieth century, and thus restore, in every aspect of individual and social life, attention to the eternal.

A new theology could address the depth of emotion and imagination that both inspires and deeply troubles the modern person, a depth not accessible to the sciences and to materialistic philosophies.

The Education of the Heart by Thomas Moore


  1. Where are you hiding O'Stephen?

  2. Hey Kath - see that tallest rock on the upper left of the Monastery? I am alone in the wilderness sitting under it during the day and on top of it during the night...