Friday, July 10, 2009


".....the prime notion of truth within Christianity is directly connected with liberation and transformation rather than with objective description. For instance, when we read that Christ is the truth and that knowing the truth will set us free, we come face to face with truth, not as the objective affirmation of a proposition (as if that would set anyone free), but rather as that which arises from a life-giving encounter. The Truth in Christianity is not described but experienced. This is not then the affirmation of some objective description concerning Truth but rather describes a relation with the Truth. In other words, Truth is God and having knowledge of the Truth is evidenced, not in a doctrinal system, but in allowing that Truth to be incarnated in one's life. Hence, this claim of Christ is not a way of claiming that some theoretical system will bring new life, but a way of saying that by entering into a relationship with God we will find liberation. To know the Truth is thus to be known and transformed by the truth."

Peter Rollins - How (Not) To Speak of God

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